Why Become an Insurance Adjuster?

  • Money

    The Money Potential in this industry is very unique. You can make large amounts of money in just 3 months during storm season. This will allow you to fund and work on other projects for the rest of the year. You have the power to set your own standards of success.

  • Helping Others

    As Insurance Adjusters, we are there to provide guidance and direction while helping those in need during times of crisis. We help others get the money they need to rebuild their lives after something bad has happened to their home, auto, or business! Be a solution creator for someone else and make a difference!

  • Recession-Proof Industry

    It does not matter if the real estate market crashes or some virus locks down the world, there will always be a need for property adjusters and estimators.

Adjusting Online

is an online educational platform, where you can learn how to become an insurance adjuster. From start to finish, train online and learn how to investigate and settle insurance claims. What will you learn from taking our courses?

  • Insurance Adjuster License & Certifications

  • Mentorship - Property & Catastrophe Adjuster Training, Software Skills, & More

  • Flood Adjusting - How to navigate flood adjusting

  • Tips & tricks - How to navigate the industry

Courses & Bundles

Why Adjusting Online?

  • We have over 25 years experience in the Industry

  • We have been teaching live licensing classes for over 10 years

  • We have created courses based on real world experiences in the field

  • We know valuable tips and tricks of the industry

Ben Nelson

Adjusting 101 & Xactimate

“...the information you are going to get and the training you are going to get is top notch and this type of training is really needed in our industry as far as real practical hands-on, not just how to pass a licensing course, but how to actually be an adjuster...the things I’ve learned have helped me be a successful insurance adjuster for 10 years now…”