Course Overview

Want to learn one of the best kept secrets? Insurance adjusting is a lucrative field where you can learn how to become an effective adjuster in less than 30 days. Our goal is to bring you to the point where you know how to navigate the pitfalls of this career. Anybody can get a license, but what do you do after that? In this course we will teach you how to become an adjuster, how to handle a claim, and how to work a claim from A to Z. We guide you into this industry and ensure that you come out looking like a pro! Giving you the tools you need to succeed once you find work in one of the many paths to choose from in the adjusting industry, construction industry, restoration industry, appraisal industry, or the estimating field. If you want to be the best then you must know the basics!

Course curriculum

  • 1


    • Welcome Introduction

    • What will you learn at the completion of this course

    • Introduction Quiz

  • 2

    What is an Adjuster?

    • 1. What is an Adjuster Anyways?

    • 2. Independent vs Staff Adjuster

    • 3. Independent Vs Staff Breakdown

  • 3

    Adjuster Basics

    • 1. Adjuster Process

    • 2. Adjusting Fields

    • 3. Income

    • 4. Prior to working you must have

  • 4

    Tools Required

    • Tools Required

    • Tools

  • 5

    Catastrophe VS. Day Claims

    • 1. What is Cat/Day Claims?

    • 2. Compare and Contrast

    • 3. Managing Expectations

    • 4. Typical Pay Structure

  • 6

    On the Job How To's

    • 1. Notice of Loss

    • 2. File Overview

    • 3. Inspection Methodology

    • 4. Authority to settle a Loss

  • 7

    Ethical Behavior

    • 1. The Good

    • 2. The Bad

    • 3. The Ugly

    • 4. Bad Faith

  • 8

    Working a Claim from Start to Finish

    • Working a Claim Basics PDF

    • What to do when you get a claim?

    • Inspection Walkthrough


Senior Instructor

Steven Smallwood

Steven Smallwood became an insurance adjuster in 2002. After getting his licenses he had a hard time finding work, so he sought out seasoned adjusters and was able to get the basics of adjusting. He got his start with them and worked for the same adjusting firm for years. He was a Claims Manager for that adjusting firm and taught licensing classes as well. He has always enjoyed teaching others and that is where his passion lies. Over the years he has taught many people how to become an adjuster and now wants to share his knowledge with everyone else, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding someone to teach you.