Course Overview

With this course we guide you through each step in the inspection process. So many people grab a license before a major hurricane and then have NO CLUE what to do at an inspection. Well, from the time you pull up to the home ‘til the time you get finished and get back to the office in front of your computer… this overview will walk you through all the aspects of:

Exterior Inspections / Interior Inspections / Roof Inspections

  • Live Videos of Inspections with “How To’s”

  • Diagraming – How to diagram the exterior elevations, interior rooms, and roofs

  • How to measure exterior walls, interior rooms, and roofs

  • Walk through of each with actual claim info, photos, and standard operating procedures

  • Plus – downloadable files like our Inspection Checklist and others.

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Roof Inspection

    • Welcome!

    • Roof Inspection Part 1

    • Roof Inspection Part 2

    • Roof Inspection 3-Tab

    • Roof Diagram

    • Roof Inspection Overview Part 1

    • Roof Inspection Overview Part 2

  • 2

    Exterior Inspection

    • Exterior Inspection

    • Exterior Diagraming

    • Exterior Overview

  • 3

    Interior Inspection

    • Interior Inspection

    • Interior Diagraming

    • Interior Overview Part 1

    • Interior Overview Part 2

    • Interior Overview Part 3


Senior Instructor

Steven Smallwood

Steven Smallwood became an insurance adjuster in 2002. After getting his licenses he had a hard time finding work, so he sought out seasoned adjusters and was able to get the basics of adjusting. He got his start with them and worked for the same adjusting firm for years. He was a Claims Manager for that adjusting firm and taught licensing classes as well. He has always enjoyed teaching others and that is where his passion lies. Over the years he has taught many people how to become an adjuster and now wants to share his knowledge with everyone else, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding someone to teach you.