Course Overview

Welcome to those wishing to join the profession of Flood Adjusting! In this course we go through the world of flood. What is NFIP? What are the 3 Policy Types? What is the Group Flood Insurance Program? We cover important topics: Adjuster Qualifications, Flood Adjuster Fee Schedule – Why Flood is Worth Your Time! Everything is covered, everything from how to scope a flood loss, to what to do during a flood inspection, to reporting requirements. We give you an overview of the special flood forms required – seasoned claims adjusters are lost when learning flood – Do not let that be you!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Flood Adjusting Walkthrough

    • 1. Introduction

    • 2. Why Flood Adjusting

    • 3. What is NFIP

    • 4. Flood vs Wind

    • 5. Lowest Elevated Floor & Basement

    • 6. Inspection Overview

    • 7. What are the 3 Policy Types

    • 8. Special Flood Forms Required

    • 9. Adjuster Qualifications

    • 10. Flood Adjuster Fee Schedule

  • 2

    Flood Adjusting Manual & Forms

    • Flood Manual

    • FEMA website for Claims Adjuster Forms