Course Overview

This course provides important information to keep you up to date on adjusting industry guidelines and standard operating procedures. This course will keep you in the loop on what needs to be done to maintain your license and prepare you for storm season or working day claims. We will also give you advice to keep you from making mistakes and becoming a litigation nightmare! This course gives you solid tips to make sure you know how to protect your career when you meet with the homeowner, inside adjuster, or someone from the IA firm hiring you!

Course curriculum

  • 1

    Adjuster Guidelines & Field Practices

    • Part 1 - Guidelines

    • Part 2 - Field Practices


Senior Instructor

Steven Smallwood

Steven Smallwood became an insurance adjuster in 2002. After getting his licenses he had a hard time finding work, so he sought out seasoned adjusters and was able to get the basics of adjusting. He got his start with them and worked for the same adjusting firm for years. He was a Claims Manager for that adjusting firm and taught licensing classes as well. He has always enjoyed teaching others and that is where his passion lies. Over the years he has taught many people how to become an adjuster and now wants to share his knowledge with everyone else, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding someone to teach you.