7 Phases of Xactimate


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Xactimate is a computer software system for estimating construction costs that has become widely used by insurance companies in the past decade. Insurance adjusters use it to calculate building damage, repair, and rebuilding costs. Adjusters use Xactimate to generate loss estimates and claim settlement offers. Xactimate is an incredible tool if you want to be a part of the insurance adjuster world. There are a couple of other major estimating software programs, but many insurance companies use Xactimate. This is favored by many contractors and restoration specialists as well, due to the ease it brings in working with the carriers. Multiple individuals who have taken our adjuster training courses have become estimators using Xactimate. They find work with independent contractors writing estimates, labeling photos, and creating reports. Generally, they work for other insurance adjusters, but they also will find work with contractors and restoration companies looking to hire software estimators who are knowledgeable.

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Course Curriculum

  • 1

    Where to Start

    • 7 Phases Overview Introduction

    • Free Xactimate Demo

  • 2

    Phase 1: Claim Set Up

    • 1. Insured Info. Tab

    • Insured Info. Tab Review

    • 2. Coverage Loss Tab

    • Coverage/Loss Review

    • 3. Parameters Tab

    • Parameters Tab Review

  • 3

    Phase 2. Photos

    • 1. Loading Photos

    • Loading Photos Review

    • 2. Labeling Photos

    • Labeling Photos Review

    • 3. Sorting Photos

    • Sorting Photos Review

  • 4

    Phase 3. Diagram/Sketch

    • 1. Interior Sketch

    • Interior Sketch Review

    • 2. Exterior Sketch

    • Exterior Sketch Review

    • 3. Tips & Tricks

    • Tips & Tricks Review

  • 5

    Phase 4. Estimate

    • 1. Grouping

    • Grouping Review

    • 2. Search

    • Search Review

    • 3. Quick Entry

    • Quick Entry Review

    • 4. Macros

    • Macros Review

  • 6

    Phase 5. Report Writing

    • 1. GLR Admin/Coverage Tab

    • GLR Admin/Coverage Tab Review

    • 2. GLR Recommendations Tab

    • GLR Recommendations Tab Review

    • 3. GLR Remarks Tab

    • GLR 3. Remarks Tab Review

    • 4. Company Specifics Pre-Loaded Report

    • Company Specifics Pre-Loaded Report Review

    • 5. Invoice

    • Invoice Review

  • 7

    Phase 6. Review File

    • Review File

  • 8

    Phase 7. Print to PDF

    • Printing Report

    • Print Report Review

  • 9

    Walk Through

    • Claim Walkthrough

  • 10

    Example Claims

    • Example Claim 1

    • Example Claim 2

    • Example Claim 3

    • Example Claim 4

  • 11

    Pro Tips

    • Pro Tip # 1

    • Pro Tip # 2


Senior Instructor

Steven Smallwood

Steven Smallwood became an insurance adjuster in 2002. After getting his licenses he had a hard time finding work, so he sought out seasoned adjusters and was able to get the basics of adjusting. He got his start with them and worked for the same adjusting firm for years. He was a Claims Manager for that adjusting firm and taught licensing classes as well. He has always enjoyed teaching others and that is where his passion lies. Over the years he has taught many people how to become an adjuster and now wants to share his knowledge with everyone else, so you don't have to go through the hassle of finding someone to teach you.

Software Instructor

Matthew Wise

Matthew Wise is certified in the Xactimate software and has run claim work for years. He has written up claims in Xactimate and Simsol during hurricane Harvey, Irma, Ida, Ian and tropical storm Imelda. His knowledge base for computer software is what drove him to become an insurance adjuster and has helped him become an experienced instructor. He has helped many students navigate the Xactimate software over the years and has made them look like pros.